Sub $200 “Podcasting at Home” set up

Matt showed us the equipment he bought for podcasting
It sounded great, I’ll link to the show below so you can hear it

Here is the gear he bought for UNDER $200 !!

This is the Mic NeverEnuffAmmo bought from Amazon
NOTE: He had to buy a different wire to plug it into his sound amp device
It comes with a plug to USB into the computer, (He doesn’t use it that way)

This is the “Amp” thing that allows Matt to plug his earfones in AFTER the mixer, so he can hear what is headed out to the software


Matt only paid under $60 for this SAME mixer, so you might want to shop around for it
(Night Stryke is gonna see if he can source it cheaper)

Matt said he needed this wire to connect the Mic to the “mixer”
The mic “as-is” plugs into your computers USBĀ (but he doesnt run it that way)

This wire lets you go from Cell phone to the mixing board, you could get a few of these for however many iPads and phones you have

I dont know what he used these for, he prob just bought extra cords

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