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We host a Panel Discussion about firearms. Real Gun Talk, Real people, real opinions, real experience

Each show we feature

We follow and talk about upcoming firearm industry events, 2A History, Gun History Anniversaries and local events

Monday New Media

2A New Media Methods & Motivation
– On Monday we go behind the scenes of 2A Media creation.
– Grab a Camera, Microphone, Keyboard or a Phone.. and Join in the creation of 2A Media online.
– On our Monday episode of the Daily Gun Show we talk ‘nut & bolts’ and ‘tips & tricks’. We explore how we use our phones, cameras, software, online platforms
– we also focus on networking, financing and having FUN with your 2A projects

For more info, check out Minuteman University

Tuesday Theme

2A Tuesday .. on Tuesday’s we focus on a different State each week, looking at their firearms laws, the guns that have been invented there, the firearm industry in the state and any firearms history we are aware of

On Tuesday we also feature a new Gun Owners Rights group each week and look at their history, focus and successes

Each Tuesday we also feature one of the many 2A Activists putting in work for what our second amendment protects. We look at their projects, accomplishments and point you to where you can find & support their work

For more info on 2A Organizations and Laws, check out Every 2nd Matters

Tactical Quiz Wednesday

Firearms in Film & Entertainment
Wednesday we have some fun, We play our Tactical Quiz and take a look at firearms in Movies, Books, Magazines, Games and now Podcasts, Videos and even Memes

Everyone is welcome to play along each week, our Patreons play for cool loot


We also watch the photographs on Instagram that use the hashtag #DailyGunShow

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Thursday Travel & Training

Firearm Travel and the Gun Show Loophole Tour

Firearm Events, Gun Shows, Exhibition Shoots Trade Shows & More. On Thursdays we explore the Gun Shops, Gun Shows and Firearm Museums we have visited on our Gun Show Loophole Tour

Since 2016 we have traveled over 60,000 miles through 29 states, to visit over 200 Gun Shops and more than 30 Firearm Museums and at least a few Castles. On those trips we attend 2A Rallys and Gun Shows all over the USA

Thursday we dive deep into our photo and video archives of those 2A Adventures

For more information check out Gun Show Loophole

Firearm Training Topics
Firearms Training ranges from Safety, Marksmanship and Maintenance to Concealed Carry, Medical Training and Situational Awareness are just a portion of firearms training

Gunsmithing Schools, Armorers courses, Investing & Collecting Firearms, Legal and Second Amendment studies. De-Escalation and First Aid & Immediate Action courses are all part of firearms training, and we will attempt to explore it all.

For more information check out

Friday Weekly 2A Wrap Up

Weekly 2A Wrap Up
– Each week we record & feature the best content focused on what our second amendment protects. We collect it into a blog post on our Patreon, then send it out as a newsletter (with some commentary)
– Keep up on the most important things for 2A, not just the most urgent news of the week

On Fridays we look at Firearms Technology and the Gun Industry. Not just the new gizmo, or latest model. We talk about companies, the industry next steps, where we came from and whats next. We talk materials, technology and new designs.

Thank You for joining us this evening LIVE, remember you are part of the show, use the text chat to interact as we stream tonight.
– And thank you to all those who listen later as a podcast, or from one of the many video streaming platforms post to, please use the comments on your favorite platform to ‘say hello’, ‘Ask Questions’ or ‘Comment on the issues”
– we read all the comments and use many of them in future shows
Please enjoy the show, lets get started

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