The Hosts

Angie Aguilar – Co-Host & Editor

Angie has been a member fo the GunWebsites shooting team since 2006
A long-time member of WOMA, Angie has written articles, hosted videos and traveled with our team for many years. Her insight and perspective bring a lot to the Daily Gun Show – Angie lives in Tucson and has raised three kids who enjoy the outdoors as much as she does

Gizzard Gary – Co-Host

Gary is our Co-Host from Kansas. Not a life-long gun owner, Gary brings a new gun owner’s perspective to our shows. Gary has attended Gun Shows, 2A Rallys and 2A Events in multiple states

G-Webs (Pete) is the Publisher and Network Developer, he builds the websites and systems that make our network function… (more)

Past Hosts of the Daily Gun Show Podcast


Biker Bob 59

Bob enjoys Gun history, Shooting, hunting and fishing
With his dog (Charlie) and his 5th wheel camper, Bob has explored many of the western US… (more)

  • Smeggie



    Just DanO

    My passion in firearms began early in life … Gun Channels is my electronic home where I can freely speak of my passion… (more)

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