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We host a Panel Discussion about firearms. Real Gun Talk, Real people, real opinions, real experience

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Each show we feature

Monday Motivation

We talk behind the scenes of 2A Media. Grab a Camera, Microphone, Keyboards or a Phone.. and Join in the creation of 2A Media online. We talk nut & bolts and tips & tricks. Using phones, cameras, software, online platforms as well as how to netowrk, finance and have FUN with your 2A projects

For more info, check out Minuteman University

We also watch the Gun Calendar and talk about upcoming firearm industry events, 2A History, Gun History Anniversarys and local events people add to Every 2nd Matters and

Tuesday Theme

2A Tuesday We focus on a different State Each Week, and look at their firearms laws, and firearms history.

We features a Gun Owners Rights group and look at their history, focus and successes

For more info on 2A Organizations and Laws, check out Every 2nd Matters

Wednesdays Subject

Each Wednesday we look at Firearms in Entertainment. Historicaly, into the future and back again. Movies, Books, Magazines and now Podcasts, Videos and Memes

We judge the best photograph on Instagram that uses the hashtag #DailyGunShow
Use the tag #DailyGunShow and be in the running

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Thursday Topics

On Thursday we cover CCW and FIrearm Training topics.
Training doesnt cover all of CWW, and CCW is just a portion of firearms training, we attempt to eplore it all.

For more information check out

Friday Focus

We look at Firearms Technology and the Gun Industry on Fridays show. Not just the new gizmo, or latest model. We talk about companies, the industry next steps, where we came from and whats next. We talk materials, technology and new designs.

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  • Biker Bob
  • D-O

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