Blued or Stainless CCW, 1984, #TacticalQuiz – Daily Gun Show #263

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CCW: ‚Äč
CCW = Blued or Stainless Steel?

1984 (the book / movie)


Gun of the Day:
Soldier of Fortune; 1984, Glocktober 13th…

Gun Movie: Shaft

Gun Shop of the Day:
Smoky Mountain Knife Works, Sevierville, TN
From Squib
Three stories of knives, swords, axes, guns, ammunition and lots of other stuff. Not far from I-40, before you get to Pigeon Forge.

Quote of the Day:

Healthy Tip:
Eating Salad is good project ofr kids to plant watch grow, cook and eat, lesson in self reliance and the food chain

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