Sidearm Evolution, Self-Training vs Paid, Firearm Events – Gun Chat Episode 59

Streamed live on May 26, 2016

Gun Chat Episode 59 – i HATE guns Podcast
Sidearm Evolution, Self-Training vs Paid, Firearm Events
3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, Noon PST

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Gun History:
sidearm evolution

self-training vs paying someone else to clue you in?

Firearm Events:
John Wayne “Duke”
American film actor, director, and producer.

Born: May 26, 1907
Died: June 11, 1979

Between 1949 and 1973
Wayne was in more than 169 feature length films

Gun Movie: Bomb Girls

Healthy Tip: get a fitness friend

Gun Shop of the Day:
Moss Pawn Jewelry & Guns
Visit Date: 10-27-2012
Location: Jonesboro, Georgia
Selection: Large assortment, Many types & brands.
Staff: Very friendly, just like on their You Tube channel…
Prices: Seemed average to low (2 hard to find pistols I pay attention to, were $100 lower than Gun Broker prices !!)…

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