CC Cameras – Animal Farm – #TacticalQuiz – Daily Gun Show #293

CC Cameras – Animal Farm – #TacticalQuiz – Daily Gun Show #293

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CC Cameras – Animal Farm – #TacticalQuiz
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Marvin (jamaica)

Who thinks you should ware a camera (like the police ear cameras) daily if you carry

Animal Farm (The Book)


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3:10 to Yuma

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Jerry’s Gun Show Rochester, Michigan
This small shop is located behind the shops off of Rochester Road in downtown Rochester, Michigan (the main road through the city). It is accessible from University Drive on the south side of the street. I found it by mistake on day and decided to go in. They had an M1941 Johnson Rifle. The owner (Jerry) said that was the fifth one had had in the at shop, but it was the first one without a cracked stock. Something for DanO: they had a coffee pot and on Saturdays they have donuts for their patrons. I bought some .44 Magnum while I was there. They also do gunsmithing.

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