Just DanO

Just DanO

My passion in firearms began early in life, when as a child I watched the TV program GunSmoke. Seeing that both common folk and truly evil people exist within our lives and pass through it, without us even being aware, concerned me greatly back then. Ironically today, I listen to the radio version of Gunsmoke each night before I go to bed.

I have lived most of my life in Illinois, where conceal carry has been illegal most of my life. So I was not able to enjoy that aspect of freedom till January 5, 2013, when citizens of my State were allowed to apply for the first time for a conceal carry license. Since applying, paying various fees and the required days of training with a qualification test, I have carried every day since.

From that year forth, I decided that I would try to take one training class each year as life would allow. I started with some relearning from the NRA Basic Pistol class, to a local combat I pistol class to Massad Ayoob 20 classroom Ed. and this year, Fighting Pistol in Tn.

I’ve been a very outgoing person since my adulthood which is what drew me to youtube hangouts where I was to meet the various people that would later form Gun Channels. Gun Channels is my electronic home where I can freely speak of my passion without being treated like it is a dirty secret.

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