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Monday This Week How to use Social Media Gun Tech
Tuesday 2nd Amendment Issues Good Idea vs. Bad Idea Q&A
Wednesday CCW Entertainment #TacticalQuiz
Thursday Gun History Training Events
Friday Alt Gun Topics Gun Biz Weekly Wrap Up
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Biker Bob

Tim Miller (Biker Bob)

bikerbob59Tim (Bob) has been an editor with Gun Websites since 2015

Bob has traveled with the GW Team through 7 states and thousands of miles on the Gun Show Loophole Tour 

Bob is also a co-Host of the Daily Gun Show each weekday at 3pm

Bob enjoys Gun history, Shooting, hunting and fishing
With his dog (Charlie) and his 5th wheel camper, Bob has explored much of the western US

Trophy Hunting, Obama vs Gunsmiths, Weekly Wrap Up – Daily Gun Show 125

Trophy Hunting, Obama vs Gunsmiths, Weekly Wrap Up
This Week Only: 12:30pm EST, 11:30pm CST, 10:30pm MST, 9:30pm PST
Normally: 3pm EST, 2pm CST, 1pm MST, Noon PST
Streamed live 

Featured Gun Channels member: Deadhorse

Alt Gun Topics:
trophy hunting

Gun Biz:
Obama vs Gunsmiths
probably the XO that may or may not apply to gun smiths

Weekly Wrap Up:

Gun Movie: 13 hours

Healthy Tip: Connection with friends and family physical activity that can be done in solitude or socially

Gun Shop of the Day:
Clark County Shooting Complex

Quote of the Day:
Force and mind are opposites; morality ends where a gun begins. Ayn Rand

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